Don’t be so rash to throw your tea bag in the trash!

You have just had a Madura brew and are about to pop your ‘used’ teabag in the bin – well if you are a tea lover then what’s below is about to give you a smile and maybe just convince you not to throw your teabag away so quickly.

Most of us tea enthusiasts know the healing properties of tea, but many of us are not aware that our humble used teabag can continue to work for you long after it has delivered a delicious brew.

Here are our five top reasons to convince you there is life after a cuppa for your used teabag!

Reduce acne

Place a used tea bag on affected area/s. By doing this it will bring you relief and cool down the specific area. Green tea is a superb choice!

Relieve sunburn

Had a little too much exposure? Place used tea bags on the affected area to cool it down and aid the healing process. Black tea works especially well.

For a tender steak – marinate is the way

To prevent meat from becoming tough marinate it with already used teabags. The tea’s aroma will also make the meat taste richer whilst making it tender.

Reduce redness on your eyes

Put a couple of teabags in cold water and let them soak for 2 minutes. Gently drain excess water and place onto your ‘closed’ eyelids. Let them rest there for a couple of minutes and hello fresher and more youthful eyes.

Keep your plants happy

Tea bags are a terrific addition to your compost or soil. You can also simply re-steep used tea bags and feed your plants with the infused water.

Here here to the humble teabag we say!

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