Good Neighbour – Sharing, Caring & Community

1st to 30th September, 2017

At Madura Tea, we believe the power of a simple “hello” could be the essence of what pulls us together as a society. In September we’re asking you, our good neighbours, to join us in saying “hello” in support of good old-fashioned values. Values that we want to bring back, one cup of tea at a time.

For the month of September Madura Tea has pledged 20% of all sales of Madura Teas to Angel Flight™. Due to last year’s overwhelming success of fostering Good Neighbourhoods in conjunction with raising awareness and needed funds for a true Good Neighbour organisation, Madura is again pleased to support Angel Flight as part of its annual Good Neighbour campaign.

The Good Neighbour campaign is running between 1st to 30th September and is about you recognising and rewarding your neighbours, friends or loved ones for their selfless acts of kindness, goodwill and the contribution they make to your life or their community.

Your participation in the campaign is a tangible way of showing you care about your neighbourhood and about building stronger, caring communities, one step at a time. Good Neighbour is truly about reinforcing your connection with your neighbours and surprising them with your expression of appreciation. The Good Neighbour initiative blends traditional values of caring with building and strengthening local community.

Help recognise your community’s Good Neighbour by purchasing Madura tea as a gift and sending it on to someone you value; the surprise and praise of being rewarded for their selfless acts will invariably bind neighbour to neighbour and thus build stronger, caring communities.

Madura has an Australian wide network of caring consumers and is keen to assist Angel Flight Australia as an organisation that work selflessly on our broad community.

Click here to find out more about Angel Flight.

Being a Good Neighbour – It all starts with ‘hello’.



Angel Flight embodies the essence of what it means to be a good neighbour, relying on a dedicated band of truly special volunteers, who give up their time and resources to assist our neighbours, across Australia, to gain access to ongoing medical care where distance or circumstance would otherwise preclude them. To learn more about Angel Flight click here.


Do you believe in the value of supporting your community, even in the smallest of ways?

During September, simply go online, purchase Madura Tea, choose a neighbour, enter their details for delivery purposes, fill in the complimentary gift card and we will look after the rest.  Or better still, deliver it yourself, share it with a friend, take it to work, pop it over the fence or leave it on the doorstep next door with a note that says “hello, let’s have a cuppa some time”.

Your participation in Good Neighbour is as easy as putting the kettle on!

  • Purchase Madura Tea
  • Share your Good Neighbour story
  • Help Support Angel Flight




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