18 November 2016

Category: Good Neighbour

It takes a neighbourhood to build a community: Good Neighbour encourages Australians to reach beyond their backyard.

In today’s fast paced world it can be difficult to find the time to connect with people who are important to us. The old fashioned chat over the fence with a neighbour, or taking time out for a cuppa with friends and family has become scarcer as Australians strive to keep some semblance of work-life balance, raise a family and manage their households.

Madura Tea understands the important role neighbourly traditions play in peoples’ support networks; asking the simple question, “how are you?” and really taking the time to listen can be potentially life changing. In an effort to highlight the real value of neighbourhood bonds, between November 19 and December 5, Madura Tea is combining cause and community with the launch of the inaugural Madura Good Neighbour campaign.

When Madura Tea Director, Stephen Bright, conceptualised Good Neighbour, he was driven by a vision of connecting with friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours – irrespective of distance – with the agenda-free motive of strengthening neighbourhood ties, building community and engaging with our nearest and dearest. “It takes a caring neighbourhood to build a community,” says Stephen. “And one of the easiest ways is by reaching out, and legitimately asking how people are. But it’s more than that – it’s holding yourself accountable, valuing good neighbours and showing them you care.”

Madura has designed the perfect Good Neighbour gift pack, which will be available for order online for the two week campaign. These packs are the essential catalyst for letting your neighbour know you care and for cementing neighbourly dialogue. Retailing at $50, each gift pack contains a selection of Madura Tea’s most popular blends and goodies:

Madura has pledged a minimum of 20% of the sale proceeds will go to Angel Flight, the Australian charity run by volunteers, who have been assisting all our neighbours across Australia, in gaining access to ongoing medical care that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to distance or financial circumstance. “Angel Flight is the perfect beneficiary of the Madura Good Neighbour campaign,” explains Stephen. “Lending a hand is what their foundations are built on. They’ve been caring for neighbours across Australia since 2003.”

While the Good Neighbour gift packs are a tangible reward we can send to neighbours of our choice, they are for us, a great reason to put the kettle on and share time with neighbours. Perhaps you want to thank a neighbour for looking after your pet, bringing in your bins, watering the plants, or being there when you needed a babysitter. Maybe you want to extend an olive branch, or rectify a misunderstanding. Perhaps you’ve been looking for the ideal opportunity to initiate a chat … or perhaps you simply just want to be a good neighbour.

Madura Tea believes the simplest acts of neighbourly caring can bring unexpectedly powerful results. Simply, by being part of the Madura Good Neighbour campaign, you will feel good, knowing you have engaged in a neighbourly act of kindness. The Madura Good Neighbour campaign hopes to bring back old fashioned values, one cup of tea at a time.

It takes a neighbourhood to build a community: Madura Tea’s Good Neighbour campaign encourages Australians to reach beyond their backyard.

Madura Tea is a multi award-winning, Australian owned, specialty tea business. Visit our estate sometime, you don’t need a passport!

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