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just-chill-iced-teaOne beverage that has remained constant at the forefront though, is tea. Cultures throughout the world enjoy teas in a variety of different ways. The health benefits of tea remain common topics of discussion, which brings us to our ‘topic of conversation’ today – Iced Tea.

Summer is truly upon us, and the humble ‘iced tea’ is certainly seeing a massive growth within the beverage world. Ready-to-drink ‘iced’ tea is proving to be more than a passing trend, more of a new staple in beverage choice. Experts state that ‘iced’ tea will continue to grow, causing great future battle grounds – including the so called ‘healthy iced’ tea ranges.

The forewarnings involved with consuming drinks laden with sugar and nasties, continue to grow in discussions, yet we keep reaching for a ‘on-the-go’ sugar laden beverage more often than we should. Swapping a can of soft drink for an ‘Iced Tea’ is certainly a healthier pathway to hydrating. However, be careful of swapping out your can or bottle for a tea that is laden with sugar! When you load up the sugar to your iced tea, you are actually undoing any of the potential health benefits that it has and you may as well be drinking a glass of water with some sugar in it. Sugar is a major contributing factor of obesity and diabetes in the world today, which is why so many people are making a concerted effort to cut back.

Here are our top 4 summer reasons why you need to ‘let it chill’

  1. Summer is here, however, along with that sun kissed glow comes the sun’s harmful and damaging UV radiation. Drinking tea will allow for their powerful antioxidants, known as polyphenols, to reduce free radical damage and improve overall antioxidant activity. Always keep the sunscreen handy, but try adding iced tea into your summer regime – it could provide another line of defence.
  2. Tea can help give your metabolism a good kick start, ‘hello’ new summer swimsuit! Research suggests drinking 3-5 cups of green tea a day inhibits the body’s glucose absorption into fat cells and works to stabilise glucose levels, reducing overall appetite and working to prevent dramatic insulin spikes.
  3. Hydration! Yes, that is right – drinking more tea will inevitably keep you more hydrated when the temperatures rise and your body needs it most! Debunking the myth that caffeinated teas will dehydrate you, studies reveal that even in a tea that is high in caffeine, there is still an overall net gain of fluid.
  4. To make a pure iced tea – is super easy, super quick, super healthy and super delicious! Click here to see our favourite iced tea recipes.

Aside from all the amazing benefits your body can enjoy and can soak up from tea albeit ‘iced’, it also tastes amazing! The plain Jane black tea can be as exciting as you want it to be and summertime is the perfect time to start experimenting with our black, green, white and herbal tea range. And finally, if you are still missing the bubbles from your soft drink – try combining a cup of your favourite Madura tea with a glass of sparkling water for a refreshing and healthy summer drink with a ‘TEA’wist.

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