Sultry Assam

Assam tea is India’s most famous sultry and malty black tea. Discovered in the early 1800s growing wild in the tropically warm and wet Assam region at the edge of the eastern Himalayan Mountains – Assam has certainly become one of our most favourite brews!

What makes this tea special?

The gorgeous malty distinct taste! Assam tea comes from a different cultivar of the tea plant that only grows in a particular tropical region of India. Assam is harvested over a 9 month period, with the first flush being in Spring and the second in Autumn – creating two distinct Assam black tea flushes. The Spring flush which is considered quite delicate and floral producing a light-coloured brew and a Summer flush producing a sweeter, darker and full-bodied tea – generally considered the superior harvest.

Why consider adding Assam to your daily brewing favourites?

Besides its strength and favour, Assam makes for a delicious robust healthy alternative that your body will thank you for it. Assam is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – making it a healthy delicious alternative as a strong ‘wake me up’ brew! As Assam is also rich in flavonoids (a type of antioxidant), it can help reduce inflammation and support the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Equally flavonoids can help detox potentially tissue-damaging molecules.

If you are wanting to improve mental health, digestion and oral health or just simply add a robust tea with kick – then Assam just might be the brew that you are looking for!

Steep, sip and enjoy!

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