Terms & Conditions

Commencement date of the loyalty system was on the 26th January 2013. You must initially register as a customer on www.maduratea.com.au.  The Brew Club (Madura loyalty rewards) is subject to specific terms and conditions:

  • unique loyalty reward codes are printed on a selection of Madura Tea Estates’ products with different point values depending on RRP of product
  • loyalty reward codes must be entered into this website to be converted into points
  • points are not assigned automatically when you make a purchase on our site; the unique code needs to be entered
  • 100 Tea Bags products contain 2 codes, 1 each on the two internal foil pouches – both codes must be entered to get the total point value for the product
  • 200 Tea Bags products contain 4 codes, 1 each on the four internal foil pouches – all codes must be entered to get the total point value for the product
  • points expire 12 months after being generated
  • the number of points assigned to each loyalty reward code is subject to change without notice
  • if a loyalty reward code is illegible or missing, we may at our discretion, supply you with a new code – contact us via our ‘Contact Page’
  • each point is equal to AU$0.01 (including GST within Australia) and can be used as a discount for products purchased from www.maduratea.com.au
  • the dollar value of each point is subject to change without notice
  • points are non-transferable
  • points cannot be redeemed for cash
  • we may limit the percentage of your order that can be discounted via loyalty points
  • the system is planned to be perpetual, however we may terminate it at any time and all unused points will expire

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