A Sip of Pure Elegance

Madura’s Dragon Pearls are one of our most prized and decadent teas.

If you are passionate about drinking a delicate and delicious pure brew, then our Dragon Pearls are most certainly the perfect choice.  Dragon Pearls; a delicious infusion of pure high quality hand rolled green tea delicately scented with jasmine petals, has evolved as a favourite brew for tea lovers across the globe. It may be deemed as simple, but a cup of Dragon Pearls every morning can do wonders for your wellbeing – even if you are a healthy person!

Numerous natural health advocates have supported the fact that potent antioxidant and anti-cancer properties of green tea can help in fighting diseases such as cancer. For decades the consumption of green tea has been encouraged by health experts, with its anti-oxidant properties being considered higher than most fruits and vegetables, whilst the jasmine petals subtlety release a unique scent and a sublime refreshing taste with every cup.

In handcrafting our Dragon Pearls, only the spring flush leaves are handpicked in April and then placed in cold storage until July, waiting for the delicate jasmine flowers to be in full bloom. The flowers are picked at night, when they are most aromatic and then combined with the delicate tea leaves for twelve hour periods to ensure that the oils from the petals infuse with the tea. This process is repeated up to 10 times to ensure the required concentration of oil is infused.

It is only then that the leaves are gently hand-rolled for a pure decadent tea. The practice of preparing this elegant tea is quite complex and long; however the end result of watching each pearl unfurl and dance in the hot water is striking.

Dragon Pearls are especially known for their ability to relieve stress and should always be consumed without milk. Simply brew your pyramid silk bag for 3-4 mins @ 80-85 deg C. One Dragon Pearls pyramid silk bag can be steeped up to three times to obtain three separate infusions.

This is truly a delicious brew that guarantees pure decadent quality – it is no wonder this is one of our favourites.


Dragon Pearls

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