Cam O’ mile Gets Toasty with the French

A wholesome and fragrant french toast with a delicious Camomile twist


Serves: 6
160mL milk
3 Madura Camomile pyramid bags
3 eggs, lightly whisked
¼ cup powdered stevia
60g unsalted butter
6 × 1cm-thick slices of brioche or white bakery bread
Fresh strawberries, halved, to serve
Dollop cream, to serve
100% pure maple syrup, to serve


Heat milk gently in a saucepan; steep camomile in stainless-steel infuser with milk. Allow to cool completely, 30 mins at very least.
Combine milk, eggs and sugar in bowl. Melt half the butter in frying pan over high heat until foaming. Dip 3 bread slices, 1 at a time, in egg mixture. Cook for 2–3 mins each side or until golden brown. Repeat with remaining butter, bread and egg mixture, keeping cooked French toast in a low oven.
Once ready, top with strawberries and cream. Drizzle with maple syrup and serve with your favourite pot of Madura tea.

Madura Camomile Herbal Tea