Earl Grey Tea Infused Fruit Cake

Have you tried baking a Madura Earl Grey tea-infused fruit cake? Get ready to relax with a cuppa and enjoy a slice of fruit tea cake.

Date 08 Mar 2021

Pavlova With 'Tea and Scones' Please

Being in a festive mood we were inspired this year to take one classic pairing (tea and scones) and create a tea’licious modern take on another classic - the pavlova!

Date 10 Nov 2020
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Blood Orange Yoghurt Cake

Blood orange and yoghurt cake is a breakfast and dessert all wrapped into one – it has it all - citrus fruit, yoghurt, and eggs! And if that is the case; then technically we can start the day with a delicious Madura cuppa and a slice (or two) of blood orange and yoghurt cake – can’t we?

Date 11 Aug 2020
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Chai Tea – A Low-Key Gut Health Hero

Chai tea – a low-key gut-health hero and that’s just one of its many health benefits. Way before matcha cemented its status as MVP (most valuable player) of the tea world, those in the know were sipping on Chai!

Date 28 Jul 2020
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Frosted Earl Grey Brownies

Frosted Earl Grey Brownie recipe – a perfect chewy balance between not being too fudgy or too cake-like and more importantly, it is delicious.

Date 03 Jun 2020
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Chai Apple Pie

Bust out the apples and get ready to start eating an old family favourite with a twist – Chai Apple Pie! It’s spiced, sweet, and satisfying. One bite, big or small, is almost always followed up with a second, third and fourth bite!

Date 20 May 2020
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Chai Infused Custard!

If you love custard and you love sweet spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves followed by the milky notes of black tea, then you are in for a delicious Christmas dessert treat!

Date 18 Nov 2019
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Sometimes we just really need to be proud of the little things we create or achieve, like simply just getting out of bed, saying hi to your dog, teaching your child the simple art of baking a biscuit,  or simply treating yourself to homemade pancakes instead of packet cereal – I mean who doesn’t love delicious pancakes?

Date 18 Mar 2019
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There are so many simple and easy basic recipes for you to get creative with, how adventurous you are feeling is truly up to you. After all, tea bags are really little flavour parcels so why not use them for other creative ideas rather than just steeping them in water - they truly can be so much more than just your daily cuppa?

Date 18 Mar 2019
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Earl Grey Tea Ice-Cream Recipe
Organic Black Tea Infused Pancakes with Lemon and Lime Recipe

Pancakes with a T’wist

Date 11 Sep 2018
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Caramel Sauce with a Chai T’wist

Date 05 Jul 2018
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