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5 Ways To Show You Care ... That Won't Cost You The World

5 Ways To Show You Care ... That Won't Cost You The World

It’s said the best things in life are free. This is especially true when it comes to romantic gestures that show someone how much you care. Actions speak louder than words when you’re speaking the language of love, so there’s no need to blow the budget to make your sweetheart feel special this Valentine’s Day.

Date 11 Feb 2019
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Madura Tea: Brewing Australia's Favourite Tea Since 1978

Brewing Australia's Favourite Tea Since 1978

When you’ve been part of Australia’s tea history for over forty years, you’ve had a lot of time to perfect your craftsmanship, your business principles, and the way you conduct operations and resources to ensure you’re continually meeting your commitments to environment and sustainability … all while producing Australia’s favourite tea.

Date 08 Jan 2019
top tea tips

Top Tea Tips to See You Through the Festive Season and Beyond ...

With Madura a green brew and herbal teas in your summer survival kit, you’re well-equipped to handle the demands and temptations of Christmas. Here are our top tea tips to see you through the festive season and beyond:

Date 30 Nov 2018
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Does Dunking Biscuits

Why Does Dunking Biscuits in Tea Taste So Good?

The timeless tradition of reaching for the biscuit tin when friends drop around for a cuppa is one of life’s simple pleasures. The only the ‘tea and bickie’ experience gets any better is by … dunking your biscuits!

Date 26 Nov 2018
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History Of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea - The Timeless Tea With A Colourful History

With a reputation for reliability in quality and taste, it’s no surprise that Earl Grey is one our bestselling teas. What does surprise many, though, is Earl Grey’s colourful history. The story of Earl Grey’s name and fame is a fascinating little piece of tea history that’s anything but, well … grey!

Date 15 Oct 2018
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madura earl grey tea

Earl Grey Tea - The Smooth Operator

Infused with the aroma of bergamot oil – a citrus fruit native to Calabria in Italy – Earl Grey tea has an iconic scent as fragrant as its taste. A cup of Earl Grey is truly a sensory experience, and is celebrated around the world for its zesty burst of vitality and flavour.

Date 01 Oct 2018
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Brew Club

Things change: a simpler 'Brew Club' coming soon

We want to inspire healthy choices for our mind, body, soul and the environment we live in. It is for this reason that we have listened to our tea community and are creating a simpler loyalty program designed to get you sipping more tea!

Date 13 Aug 2018
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5 Top Winter Reads

5 Winter Reads You Will Want To Put The Kettle On For - Part 2

At Madura, we’re celebrating both with Part 2 of our ‘Winter Reads’ series. We like to think of it as the great Australian novel meets the great Australian tea! Last month we gave you a multi-genre selection from homegrown female authors, and this month it’s the fella’s turn to help keep the pages turning.

Date 25 Jul 2018
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organic tea

The Benefits Of Organic Tea

Organic is a popular buzzword but what does it really mean? In Australia, products are certified as organic by seven organisations accredited by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. When you see these logos on products you buy, you can be assured that they are produced, packaged and marketed under strict conditions that protect the purity and preserve the quality and nutritional value of the product.

Date 10 Jul 2018

Madura Tea Launches Expanded Organic Tea Range

Madura Tea are thrilled to announce the launch of their new expanded organic tea range. The introduction of five new handcrafted blends is sure to be enthusiastically received by tea lovers around the world.

Date 03 Jul 2018
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Environmental Sustainability at Madura tea

Looking 'Beyond The Cup' To Support Environment & Sustainability

Since the creation of Madura’s very first blend back in 1978, we’ve been guided by our core values and principles. Our mission is simple: to create award winning tea driven by innovation and creativity, with an onus on environmental sustainability and a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Date 18 Jun 2018