Coconut Chai Latte

Would you like a deliciously addictive warm and creamy brew that is soothing, spicy, and provides your body with a health boost? Our guess is that your answer might just be yes and some say, once you have tried a chai latte made with coconut milk – you may never look back!
Our Chai blends a fusion of exotic spices with our finest black tea to deliver a rich, fragrant brew far removed from the artificial syrups and powders frequently used in cafes. Once you’ve had a taste of our real Chai, you’ll be spoiled forever and there’s no turning back…trust us!
You can also always change up your ‘milk’ choice too if coconut milk isn’t to your liking…


2 cups water (480ml)
3 Te Chai leaf infusers
¾ cup coconut milk (180ml)
1 tbsp sugar or preferred sweetener


Combine 2 cups (480ml) water with Te Chai infusers – brew to packet instructions – the longer you brew, the stronger the flavour though. Pour tea into two mugs and set aside. Bring coconut milk and sugar to a bare simmer and stir to dissolve sugar – remove once dissolved. Froth or whisk coconut milk for a few seconds until light and frothy – immediately pour coconut milk into each of the mugs with prepared tea and serve immediately.