Brewing A Green Tea

Brewing a perfect green tea – is as easy as putting on the kettle!

Do you drink green tea? If you do, you probably already know this refreshing, versatile tea is the top-ranking beverage in the world for overall health and wellbeing. Green tea is one of nature’s greatest gifts containing a powerful combination of antioxidants, trace minerals, and nutrients. In fact, so cherished is this refreshing drink that doubles as a health tonic, approximately 600,000 tonnes of green tea is consumed across the world every year, making it one-fifth of the total consumption of every kind of tea annually!
If you haven’t joined the green tea revolution, it could be you tried it once and found the taste a little on the bitter side. If this sounds familiar, the good news is green tea is much easier to steep, sip and enjoy than you think.

Your green tea should never taste bitter.

When brewed correctly, it tastes quite the opposite! You’ll find yourself falling in love with the sweet, crisp, delicate flavour, and exotic floral aroma – especially when infused with other complementary natural flavours.
A cup of green tea is a great addition to any healthy lifestyle or wellness routine. It’s the ideal supplement for wellness, cleansing, detoxing and exercising. Green tea’s health-promoting properties will give your immune system a boost to help ward off seasonal bugs while keeping you warm and hydrated.

So, how do you achieve the ultimate green tea?

It’s as easy as putting on the kettle! Here’s Madura’s guide to brewing the perfect green tea first time, every time:

  1. Start with quality tea. One of the key reasons green tea can taste bitter is by using leaves of poor quality. At Madura, we’re committed to producing the purest, freshest, highest quality green tea from plantation to pour, whether you prefer loose-leaf or bagged tea.
  2. Water temperature matters. Don’t pour boiling water straight from the kettle into your cup. Water that is too hot can rapidly turn green tea bitter and compromise its delicate flavour. Let your kettle cool for around five minutes before pouring – an ideal temperature sits between 70-80°C.
  3. Steep slowly. Allow your tea to steep properly to maximise its antioxidants and healing properties. You’ll find the ideal brewing times for each variety in Madura’s Green Tea range included in the instructions on the packet.
  4. Sip and enjoy. Take time out to relax, sip slowly, and truly appreciate the delicate flavour of Madura green tea.

Follow the instructions!

If you follow the instructions above, you should avoid the bitterness. Rather, you’ll notice a sweetness to your brew. If your palette prefers a little extra sweetness, we recommend using a drizzle of honey, rather than sugar.
Green tea’s versatility means it pairs beautifully with numerous spices, herbs, florals and citrus. You can experiment with your combinations, or reach for one of Madura’s naturally-infused green teas that harness the fragrance and aromatherapeutic properties of some of nature’s finest ingredients. Our Madura Green Tea range includes single blend tea, along with winning flavour combinations selected for ultimate taste, health and wellness compatibility:

As pioneers of Australia’s first green tea in the late nineteen eighties, we’re advocates for consistent quality and flavour. We’re also advocates for enjoying the simple things in life. If you follow our guide to brewing the perfect green tea, you’ll not only find it’s simple; you’ll be steeping, sipping and enjoying the benefits of green tea right throughout the year.
Yours, in health…
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