How To Steep, Sip And Let It Chill All Summer Long.

Iced Tea – The taste of Summer

If making your iced tea at home can seem like way too much trouble, we are here to tell you loud and proud that it’s super quick and so worth it. So much so that an icy cold tea may be your new go-to. What’s more, you can tweak your ice-cold brews to suit your individual taste or mood for the day. Want to achieve the best-tasting iced tea ever – we believe it comes down to four factors?

  • The amount of tea you use | stronger tea does not necessarily mean steeping longer. Over steeping can result in a not-so-tasty brew! If using lots of ice, we generally recommend increasing your tea dosage – as the ice melts, your tea will dilute.
  • When to add your sweetness | dissolve your chosen sweetener whilst the water is hot – stir until completely dissolved.
  • The water temperature | after brewing, allow it to come to room temperature before placing it into the refrigerator. At times, attempting to set it in a cold fridge straight away can result in a cloudy looking brew.
  • Choose your tools | Don’t just use any old container; for best results, make and store your ice-cold creations in a glass pitcher or Mason jar.

How to brew iced tea in 4 super quick, and easy steps!

  • Step 1. Measure your tea according to packet instructions.
  • Step 2. Pour in hot water. Temperature is everything – too hot, and you risk burning the leaves; warm water will result in a mild-tasting tea.
  • Step 3.  Let it brew according to the packet instructions, as this is when the magic happens! Herbal infusions along with black tea tend to be more forgiving than green tea if over-brewed.
  • Step 4. Allow to cool, then pour over a glass of ice.

And last but not least, remember that when it comes to making iced tea, infusing delicious flavours is key!

Brew correctly = full-flavoured & aromatic iced tea
Brew it too weak = watery & bland-tasting iced tea

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Every good story begins with a great cup of tea – we welcome you to put the kettle on and join us on our journey…

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