Ice Ice… Latte

Iced tea lattes are a delicious summer treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and they are super easy to make!
#Quick Tip – choose your favourite pure Madura ‘black’ tea – we prefer a strong flavoured tea – a light tea tends to compete a little too much with the milk making it a little on the weak side.
Our favourites are:

# For an extra cool Teawist – freeze brewed tea into an ice-cube tray and use instead of plain ice!


Black tea: loose leaf or in a bag – the choice and strength is yours!
Your favourite kind of milk
Sweetener – try agave, coconut sugar for something different
A dash of vanilla
Ice cubes
Your favourite glass to enjoy it in!


Just Brew it!
Steep your tea in a pot according to the directions for your chosen blend. Place pot in the fridge and allow to cool.
Once cooled (strain if tea leaves were used), blend with a dash of vanilla and sweeten to taste. Pour tea over a glass with ice and add a splash or two of cold milk. We at Madura quite like a 50/50 ratio of milk and tea.
And that is it – simple and delish!
Is there a better way to enjoy a cool, refreshing, and creamy iced tea on hot summer’s day?
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