Iced Tea – the new black

Whilst on a recent family holiday, I had the pleasure of being introduced to an iced black tea infused with fresh lemon juice – and that was it – no other distractions to my cold brew – it was heaven! My taste buds were literally transported to a deliciously icy cool place. This particular iced tea literally became my brew of choice throughout the holiday, and still remains my favourite even now that I am back at work on our delightful farm.
While heavily sweetened iced tea can’t really be considered a health tonic, homemade pure iced tea is a perfect choice for those wanting to escape the heat but love their tea without the nasties!
With Summer just around the corner, mix it up and why not start or end your day with a Madura iced brew!
Tip: Lots of ice is the key to a delicious cold brew!

Steep, ICE and Sip an Iced Black Tea

4 cups of Madura Premium Blend brewed to packet instructions
2 cups of extra water
1 lemon juiced (adjust to individual taste)
Ice – lots of it!
Brew and prepare tea to packet instructions, whilst tea is brewing, add lemon juice. Once cooled, add remaining water – stir to combine and allow to chill for at least 2 hours prior to serving. Once icy cold, add lemon wedge and serve in glasses with lots of ice!
Note: If you need to sweeten it up a little then, by all means, add what you need!  🙂

Have you discovered our Let it Chill T Box?

Hot summer nights … backyard barbeques … lazy Sunday afternoons … endless beach days … cricket on the radio … pool parties … early morning jogs … Add a refreshing twist to your favourite summertime activities with a long, cool glass of iced tea. Our Let It Chill Box includes a range of 72 teabags to inspire your own flavour combinations. Add your choice of fruit, herbs and spices and you’ve got a heat-beating drink that’s as good in taste as it is for your health.
The Let It Chill Box comes beautifully presented in a wooden keepsake box – steep, ice and let it chill.

  • 12 x Premium Blend
  • 12 x Earl Grey
  • 12 x Green Tea
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