Label Maker FAQs

How do I create my own personalised caddy?

  1. Go to Shop | Personalised Caddy
  2. Click on Create Your Own Label

NB: Due to the limited screen size, the option to create a Personalised Caddy is not available on smartphones, smaller tablets or when the height of your browser is less than 600 pixels.

I can’t create a label, can you do it for me?

If you are having issues creating a label, please read through the help below then contact us if you cannot sort it out and we will do our best to get you on track.

Unfortunately, we do not have designers available to create labels on your behalf. However, if you click on the “Select from your saved labels” drop-down, you will find pre-made templates… including seasonal labels for Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Label Help Templates

How will my label look?

Your creation is printed on a premium matt synthetic based label on a specialised inkjet label printer, producing a professionally printed label. Being synthetic, the label will withstand some moisture but the printing will distort if to0 much moisture is applied.

How can I change the text?

You are able to enter your own text, as well as change the following design elements of your text:

  • Font style
  • Colour
  • Bold and/or Italic
  • Alignment for multiline text

All of the above can be changed via the controls available in the Edit Text: section as below.

Label Help - Edit Text

How do I change the size of my text?

Once you’ve added your text and made any design changes, it will appear with 8 boxes surrounding the edge of the text. If it doesn’t, clicking the text within the design area will display the boxes. Click and drag on any of the corners to enlarge or shrink the text in the direction you are dragging. Be sure to keep your text within the dotted grey lines so it doesn’t get cut off when the label is printed.

How do I change the background colour?

You may choose a single background colour to fill your label. To open the colour picker, click on the Select background colour icon under the Edit background: heading. The colour picker you see will depend on the device, operating system and browser you are using.

There are 2 basic ways to choose a colour. One or the other should be available in your browser with some having both or more options.

  1. Click on an already available colour block then click on OK or choose.
  2. Create your own colour by selecting a hue (and saturation) by clicking within a large area of graduated colours, then choose the luminosity (or brightness) for the chosen hue.

NB: If you do not move the brightness slider, your custom colour will remain black.

I’ve added my own background image, now how do I enlarge it?

Once you’ve added your image, it will appear with 8 boxes surrounding the edge of the image. Click and drag on any of the corners to enlarge the image in the direction you are dragging. You may need to do the same from all the corners to enlarge your image in the correct direction.

My background image is not aligned correctly, how do I position it where I want?

Click and drag an area of your image, keeping away from the edge boxes and areas that have text on top.

I do not want any text to appear on my label, how do I remove it?

In the Edit Text: area on the right of the label design, simply delete all the text and none will appear on your label.

Part of my design is cut off on the edges… how do I prevent this?

Due to the nature of printing on label rolls, it is possible that the edges of your creation may be cut off the label. When creating your design, ensure that all essential parts of your design are within the dotted grey lines. If adding a photograph, we suggest you stretch it past the grey dotted lines, all the way to the edge of the label.