Nothing ‘beets’ a green T juice!

It is hard to miss a juice ‘selfie’ these days – amazing colours, inventive blends and creative concoctions saturating our eyes before us on a daily basis!
Trends aside though, the rise and rise of a delicious juice is hard to ignore. One of the benefits of including juicing into your diet is that it can help include daily nutrients that you may just not be getting enough of or you may just want to shake it up a little at breakfast time! Whether you choose to use a juicer or a blender it really just comes down to your personal preference and nutritional goals and just think by adding a little of your favourite brewed Madura tea – you may have just have created a ‘super’ juice – well we think so anyway!
Steep, juice and enjoy!
1 fresh medium Beets
4 Celery stalks
1 knob Ginger
1 x Madura Green Tea – brewed in half up cup water
4 handfuls Greens – kale, spinach
1 Ruby red grapefruit
Brew 1/2 cup of Madura Green Tea and then allow to chill. Individually run each ingredient through the juicer or blender. Combine everything together – mix, add ice and enjoy!