Nothing Trifle About This!

Quick and easy trifle – without the guilt!

Without a doubt trifle always looks smashing on a Christmas table! Let’s be serious kids love it and adults love it … it truly is perfect for the festive summer season and somehow we always find room for trifle.  But hold up on the guilt – we thought we would give the humble trifle a healthy twist this year and the best part is you will be able to enjoy it for breakfast instead.  So skip the big Christmas cook-up this year and eat trifle – delish and healthy.
Steep sip and enjoy!


2 kg of natural Greek Yoghurt
3 tsp of vanilla essence with seeds – adjust accordingly
8 tbsp. pure maple syrup
4 large peaches, diced
4 cups Brookfarm Nutty Maple Vanilla Granola (if you have not tried this then do – it is super delish!)
Notes: Adjust ingredients accordingly to the size of your bowl


Grab you favourite medium/large glass bowl and set aside, in a separate bowl mix the Greek Yoghurt, maple syrup and vanilla in a large bowl. Using a spoon, layer bottom of the bowl with a good layer of yoghurt, followed by a scoop of peaches and then granola. Now just repeat and continue to repeat until the trifle bowl is full.  Top with a sprinkle of granola, peaches and toasted coconut flakes.
Super important to eat ASAP, one it is delicious and two the granola can go soggy if left too late.
Serve with your favourite Madura Brew!
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