What Are Our Tea Bags Made From?

We are very aware that our community would like further information regarding the filter paper used with tea bags. In particular, in light of the recent study discussing the plastic microparticles and nanoparticles released during the brewing of tea contained within a pyramid silken tea bag.

Firstly we would like to confirm that we DO NOT manufacture the pyramid silken tea bag type made from nylon or PET referred to in the study.  The pyramid tea bags we produce for all our pyramid products are made exclusively from a plant-based starch material (PLA). They do not emit plastic microparticles or nanoparticles, and they are compostable.

Our regular teabags are a conventional heat-sealed tea bag that comprises mostly FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council-certified) Abaca & farmed wood pulp. In this case, the paper contains a small percentage of synthetic fibre (plastic); in fact, less than 2% of the paper’s weight. This synthetic matter is required to impart a quality heat-seal to the paper, and to withstand the fierce tension and pulling forces associated with the long assembly run in the construction of a teabag. The tea bag paper that we use is among the most widely used in the world, and it is oxygen bleached – avoiding harmful chlorine-based composites.

It is our commitment to move our regular teabags to a 100% natural product as soon as we can. The manufacture of filter papers is incredibly complex and with just a few suitable suppliers in the world to choose from we rely on their technical advancement. The good news is we have concluded trials on a 100% natural plant-based product and look forward to releasing further positive announcements.

The regulatory standard we must meet is governed by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand). However, our standard is to exceed our statutory obligations and to achieve outcomes that contribute to enhancing people’s health and awareness and at the same time, reduce our impact on the environment. As an added note, all our teas are tested for pesticides and contaminants, to extend confidence to our consumers. We are committed to new initiatives in product development and packaging to meet the broader social and environmental expectations of us constantly.
We want our customers to be informed about their choices. Should you wish to avoid the inclusion of synthetic fibres – we encourage you to consider our broad range of teas and herbal tisanes – available in loose-leaf and leaf infuser pyramid bags.
At Madura, we have been brewing tea since 1978. Our brews, principles, values, and estate continues to demonstrate our commitment to growing our business in a way that makes us proud. We thank you for your continued support of Madura Tea, and we look forward to sharing our packaging and sustainability improvements with you very soon.
We do want to also thank our tea brewing community for personally reaching out to us. We hope the above has addressed any queries and concerns regarding the use of plastic in our tea bags.