Frosted Earl Grey Brownies

Frosted Earl Grey Brownie recipe – a perfect chewy balance between not being too fudgy or too cake-like and more importantly, it is delicious.

Date 03 Jun 2020
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Chai Apple Pie

Bust out the apples and get ready to start eating an old family favourite with a twist – Chai Apple Pie! It’s spiced, sweet, and satisfying. One bite, big or small, is almost always followed up with a second, third and fourth bite!

Date 20 May 2020
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Classic Jam Drop

en it comes to a humble biscuit, it doesn’t get much more classic than a good old fashioned Jam Drop! Simple but delicious biscuits filled with tiny dollops of jam.

Date 28 Apr 2020
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Anzac Biscuits - Yes Please!

The simplicity of the Anzac biscuit makes them perfect for any low-tech kitchen, kids baking or those currently at home wanting something quick, easy and delish to eat!  All you really need is a mixing bowl, a spoon and a baking sheet and you’re only a short wait away from warm biscuity heaven. What’s more, you get to enjoy the incredible aroma as they bake.

Date 22 Apr 2020
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Iced Milk Tea

If you love tea and you love milk, then you just might love an iced milk tea!

Date 01 Apr 2020
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Tea Infused Maple Syrup

If you love pancakes you just may want to consider getting creative and adding to your repertoire a tea-infused maple syrup. 

Date 30 Mar 2020
Posted in Recipes / Wellness

Lychee Iced Tea

This delicious brew infused with lychee is super easy to make and made with freshly brewed Madura Earl Grey Tea infused with lychee. It’s a refreshing summer treat bursting with flavour.

Date 21 Feb 2020
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Zucchini Fritters

Looking For A Great Way To Use The Abundance Of Zucchinis Available This Summer? This super easy and healthy zucchini fritter recipe is a great way to use up any leftover zucchinis currently building up in your fridge.

Date 10 Feb 2020
Posted in Recipes / Savoury

Good Morning Smoothie

With our delicious berry season upon us, now is the time to stock up on fresh berries and freeze them for healthy and easy to make breakfast green tea infused smoothie.

Date 19 Nov 2019
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Myrtle’s Roast Chicken Drumsticks

Give your roast chicken dinner this summer a zesty sprinkling of our native superhero – Australian Lemon Myrtle.

Date 18 Nov 2019
Posted in Recipes / Savoury / Wellness

BBQ Prawns With Madura Australian Lemon Myrtle

Prawns are not only a true blue favourite but also a great Australian Christmas tradition, in particular when combine with Madura Australian Lemon Myrtle!

Date 18 Nov 2019
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Madura Earl Grey Tea & Blueberry Muffins

If you have not yet tried combining baked delicious goodies with tea, then you are definitely in for a treat. These tea-infused muffins are going to have you feeling all sorts of warm and happy!

Date 18 Nov 2019
Posted in Brunch / Recipes / Wellness